Oil of Olay


Oil of Olay Throughout History

Oil of Olay came into existence because of a man’s love for his wife.  It was in 1950 when South African chemist Graham Wulff being disappointed not finding a solution to his wife’s sensitive skin issue he resolved to find something to help remedy her skin condition.  Back then the only available skin care products that were sold were those that tend to make the skin look greasy but do not address the real issue of being able to moisturize the skin.  The main thing that Wulff was looking for was something that can make his wife feel beautiful and feminine at the same time.

Together this husband and wife team has tested and re-tested skin formulas producing a pink fluid that was so different from the ones sold on the market which is usually in cream form.  Oil of Olay is taken from a spin version of the main ingredient lanolin.  After the formula was perfected lovingly mixed by hand it was now time to produce the first batch to sell on the market.  Wulff recognized the need to market this product to share his phenomenal find.  With the help of the yellow pages Wulff was able to find his perfect advertising and business partner in the person of Jack Lowe.

In a short period of time these partners were able to saturate the market from South Africa, England, Netherlands, and Canada and to the United States.  Thus begun the journey, that started from the desire of one man of lovingly being able to make his wife’s skin beautiful and sharing it with the world.  After a while the formula was sold to Richardson Merrill who owns Richardson-Vicks but later was sold by Merrill to Procter and Gamble in 1985.

Procter and Gamble later shorten the name from Oil of Olay to just Olay as a marketing strategy so that people from different parts of the world will easily recognize this brand specifically for skin moisturizing.  The present Olay has remained loyal to the goal of helping woman from the world over achieve ageless beauty.  Olay has been effectively addressing the main concerns of aging woman and even those that are younger by introducing more products that help the skin attain its pinkish glow.  The slogan that you often saw in Olay advertisements back then that says “Challenge what’s possible” was now change into “ Love the Skin You’re In”.

Oil of Olay Today

Today Olay has expanded into different ranges of products that include Olay Regenerist, Olay Professional Pro-X, Olay Total Effects and a lot of new products that are geared towards giving woman what they desire which is the total package for completely beautiful and simply ageless skin.  In a recent development, Olay has even joined forces with other cosmetic companies like Cover Girl to add the Olay Regenerist Serum into cosmetics that woman often use, coming up with Simply Ageless Blush and Foundation.  Women the world over would be glad to know that Olay is constantly finding new ways to help them achieve beauty at any given age both now and in the future.

This has been our quick look at how Oil of Olay has evolved through time.