Olay Total Effects Introduction

olay total effects

Olay Total Effects

The marketing strategy that Olay has come up with their Olay Total Effects series is quite effective because they tried to build up the suspense of waiting for the mystery cream that the television ads are talking about.  Olay’s marketing team also thought of giving samples away so that women can be intrigued enough to try out this mystery cream to discover what the media hype was all about.  Skin testers who were willing to take the much awaited testing were not disappointed when they saw the results.  This mystery cream indeed was something special!  Women the world over know of Olay’s continued research for products that will benefit them.  The key to the success of this Total Effects series is in the main ingredients composed of VitaNiacin and antioxidants that work to fight the seven signs of aging so that women can enjoy younger looking skin.

When Olay’s Total Effects was launched, the main emphasis was given to its benefits mainly to fight wrinkles and the other signs of aging such as fine lines which become more pronounced as you age, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, skin dullness, pronounced skin pores, age spots and dryness.  Through the introduction of the Olay Total Effects series, women can now enjoy these skin products under it:  Total Effects 7-in 1 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer, Total Effects 7-in-one Body Wash Deep Penetrating Moisture, Total Effects Moisturizing Vitamin Complex, Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream and Total Effects Night Firming Cream for Face and Neck.

If you will notice that the skin products that belong to the Olay Total Effects series can be considered a complete beauty regimen for any woman who cares enough about their looks at any age.  Skin aging is normally a combination of several factors that are at work.  Such factors may include sun exposure and pollutants which can harm your skin but you cannot limit your exposure to them unlike the normal process of aging which you can control and delay.  Right now Procter and Gamble has started distributing free samples again for Olay Total Effects to introduce this to the newer generation because it has been a while since it was first introduced into the market.  The generation back then are now much older and in need of this very product to totally fight the signs of aging.

Olay Total Effects – A Final Thought

For those who can remember when Olay’s Total Effects was your mother’s greatest weapon to stay young.  Now it is your turn to use this line of products to achieve the same result that made your mother look like your sister back then.  Who knows, with your continued use of this product you might get the same praise from those that know you and your daughter.  This must be the reason why this specific series was given the name “Total Effects” after all it indeed gives you the complete effects that you are seeking for in an anti aging product by allowing you to fight not one but the seven signs of aging.